Gasoline Additives


P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive


P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive P.i. improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7%. Reduces emissions such as hydrocarbons (HC) up to 15%, carbon monoxide (CO) up to 26% and nitrous oxides (NOx) up to 17%. Restores power and performance. Reduces the need for costly higher octane fuel. (API)

ORMD Gasoline Fuel Additive


High-Performance Formulation for Direct-Injected (DI) and Port-Fuel-Injected Gasoline Engines Controlling fuel system and combustion chamber deposits is critical to maintaining efficiency and performance in fuel-injected engines. Depos - its can quickly lead to reduced fuel economy, lost power, poor drivability (surging, hesitation, stalling, rough idle), engine knocking or pinging, and difficult starts. The fuel injectors in DI engines are especially prone to deposits. Their placement inside the combustion chamber increas - es fuel efficiency and power, but exposes the injectors to intense heat and combustion gases. In this hostile environment, difficult-to-remove deposits can quickly form on the injectors, distorting the spray pattern enough to reduce fuel efficiency and power.