Cleaner & Protectant


Engine Assembly Lube


Engine Assembly Lube High-Quality Assembly Lube for Racing, Performance and Other Four-Stroke Engines AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube (EAL) is formulated to cling to engine parts and provide exceptional wear protection, while inhibiting rust and corrosion in newly built or rebuilt four-stroke engines. It is designed to dissolve in oil, helping eliminate oil port clogging and deposit formation.

Break-In Oil (SAE 30)

BRKQT $20/0.946L

Break-In Oil (SAE 30) Designed for High-Performance and Racing Engines Formulated without friction modifiers to allow for quick and efficient piston ring seating in new and rebuilt high-performance and racing engines. Contains zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives to protect cam lobes, lifters and rockers during the critical break-in period when wear rates are highest.

Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Wax Spray

AMWSC $22/13OZ

Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Wax Spray Miracle Wash® Waterless Wash & Wax (AMW) is a unique dry car wash and wax that delivers outstanding performance and quick, easy and economical application. No water is required; specially formulated surfactants lift dirt and other particles from the surface and hold them in suspension. Miracle Wash then acts as a shield, protecting the surface from abrasion while you wipe the dirt clean.

Heavy-Duty Degreaser

ADGSC $32/15OZ

Heavy-Duty Degreaser Fast-Acting Equipment and Surface Degreaser AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Degreaser (ADG) is formulated with powerful and fast-acting solvents, attacking petroleum-based grime on a molecular level to loosen its hold on metal, concrete, engines and other surfaces. Its active citrus formula makes cleaning easy and leaves a clean scent.