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Amsoil Magazine - May 2018

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine contains a lot of information about our new and upcoming products. Page 2 lists the top selling points of our new 20W-50 Diesel Competition Oil that launched last month and page 10-11 dives into the new product motorcycle metric oil 15W-50 launching on Monday. This article also has more information about the entire Metric Motorcycle line update coming later this year, and details on what customers can be best targeted and how to reach them. Page 12 also includes specifics on the Max-Duty Diesel oil’s rust protecting capabilities.


The last point I would like to highlight is the tech talk by Michael Meuli on page 7 about European Car Formula. This article is very interesting as it dives into reasons why European cars should be using different motor oil than other branded vehicles. The European Car Formula is a popular line amongst many of our Distributors and is a niche for AMSOIL as few other oil companies have a single line dedicated to European vehicles. Learning and understanding more about the reasons why can help you further educate your customers on the advantages of choosing AMSOIL’s specifically formulated oils.