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Amsoil Magazine - January 2019

To kick off the first magazine of 2019, page 2 has some quick facts on what makes Signature Series such a quality oil including some of our newest claims. Page 6 has a technical article by director Matt Erickson explaining some lesser known information about the electrified vehicles on the market today and how there is still a place for lubricants such as AMSOIL within the trend of electric vehicles. Pages 7-9 brief over AMSOIL’s recent work in the wind industry worldwide where our lubricants are constantly being put to the test in very difficult conditions. Our products have earned us approvals from nearly every major turbine manufacturer and gearbox manufacturers, and you can read all about it in this issue. Finally, page 11 contains a short article explaining the shelf life of our products which might help answer questions that you or your customers may have.