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Amsoil Magazine - July 2019

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine has an important announcement about the updating of AMSOIL Oil filters on page 5. The filters will no longer have the “EA” indicator on them and instead will just be called “AMSOIL Oil Filters” This is a rolling changThis issue of the AMSOIL magazine on page 5 has a tech tip from the Director of Product Management, Matt Erickson, about how motor oil affects horsepower. This includes information on how Signature Series preserves not only power but also torque through keeping your engine clean from wear and deposits. Pages 6-9 go into detail about the new addition to the easy packs this month, and some additional information about the products that are available. Page 11 contains an interesting article about how Signature Series fights against volatility, commonly associated with “burn off” or “boil off” in warmer climates. As many of the global climates that AMSOIL is found in are complete with very high temperatures, this article is especially interesting as it provides facts to use with your customers as to the value of AMSOIL and Signature Series.e on the label and carton design that you will notice begin to show up in the fall. Read more details on this change on page 5. Page 8 has tips and techniques to build sales with our line of Easy Packs. As our Easy Pack sales continue to grow and products have continued to be added to the offering, more and more people have become interested in AMSOIL though our unique problem solving design. When a new customer first purchases a “door opener” type of product such as an Easy Pack, it makes it much easier to sell more products to the customer over time. First impressions are important, and our line of Easy Packs have been making great first impressions to new and future AMSOIL customers.