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Amsoil Magazine - July 2020

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine on page 4 highlights the many benefits of why a customer would want to purchase our Diesel oil. Diesel oil is becoming more popular, globally, amongst our Distributors so keep it in mind as an option to provide to your customers. With two tiers of price and performance, there is sure to be a fit for the needs of every diesel owner.  


Page 6 has a tech talk on how well synthetic lubricants do in high heat. Whether your region is currently experiencing high temperatures or not, it is always good to be aware of the added protection that synthetics can provide against deposits in your engine. Even in cooler climates, engine temperatures can still be under high heat conditions especially when doing higher stress activities like towing. This is one of the reasons why AMSOIL decided to double the length of the industry standard test, to prove how much extra protection and cleanliness our oils can provide parts such as pistons in extreme temperatures.


Pages 9-10 have an article on dirt bike oils and how critical it is to have a quality oil. With such a small engine and not a lot of opportunity to provide a large sump of oil for protection (usually less than one quart), it is critical that the oil that you do have in your dirt bikes is doing it’s job to provide maximum protection. Dirt bikes can be under a lot of stress, again with high heat, due to the racing and speed nature of the equipment. Customers can rely on AMSOIL’s specifically formulated dirt bike oil line to keep their bikes covered.