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Amsoil Magazine - September 2020

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine on page 4 is a letter from AMSOIL President, Alan Amatuzio, that does a great job at highlighting what is important to AMSOIL and what it is known for – Expertise, Excitement, and Professional. It is important that we all work together from both a corporate and Distributor level to continue the strength and growth that many of you have experience despite the difficult times globally with COVID-19. We appreciate all that you do and look forward to continuing to work together.


Pages 6 and 7 each have great tech talk articles, first with Len Groom discussing rust in engines that are stored away, and next with Matt Erickson highlighting some of the strengths in AMSOIL products highlighted by recent testing.


The next section illustrates a couple of these tests and testimonials. Page 10 provides a testimonial from a US customer from Montana, and how AMSOIL has helped keep his drag racing vehicle virtually free of wear despite years of putting it under difficult conditions with drag racing. Page 11 details AMSOIL V-Twin products again performing wonderfully in a torture test with a 2019 Harley Davidson.


Page 13 provides a refresh about all of the recent changes with our European Motor Oil line including information about the two new SKUS that you can order at any time.


Last, but certainly not least, Page 15 has a very detailed article breaking down the differences in synthetic, conventional, blend, and high mileage oil from a value standpoint. While every country can define “synthetics” differently based on chemistry, it is easiest to show and explain the benefits of high quality offerings such as AMSOIL in terms of protection and performance. We get questions on this topic often so this article should be an interesting one for a lot of you.