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Amsoil Magazine - October 2020

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine has an ad for the redesigned European Motor Oil line on page 2. There are variations of this ad up on the Distributor Zone for you to download and use in your own advertising.


Page 5 has an interesting article on the Diesel US market. Every country is of course different with how demands can change over time, but it is certainly good to learn about patterns and how they change. Diesel products are still quite popular globally and the United States is no exception.


Pages 6-7 is a continuation of last months’ special on muscle cars and the iconic nature of these vehicles .This article in particular highlights Mopars.


The last piece I would like to point out is on page 8-9. This article goes in depth into different aspects of viscosity and how to understand it. Viscosity is one of the most basic identifiers of motor oil and other lubricants, however there are many aspects of it that can make it a confusing topic. This article does a good job breaking it down into the different tests required  and of course, the AMSOIL advantage