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Amsoil Magazine - February 2021

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine on pages 4-6 provides some great in-depth information about our two new diesel products, which fit nicely into our Diesel lineup. While only just announced a few weeks ago they have already shown some good interest in the US and beyond, with two different viscosity options and specs such as the newer GM dexosD and ACEA C3 (for the 5W-30).

This issue has two tech talks, the first by the director of technical product management, Matt Erickson on oil life monitors and how we view them in the United States and how it relates to AMSOIL’s products and United States sales strategy. The second is by Allen Bender, our oil analysis manager who talks about some very interesting things that analyzing your oil can tell you including how various wear metals being present can affect your performance and a common engine oil contaminant, coolant.

Pages 13 and 14 discuss our new products as of this month, a series of Can-Am oil changes kits and our Powersports coolant, now available. The coolant in particular could be a great choice of a new product to try in your market as it is quart sized and perfect for use in motorcycles.

Pages 18-19 have a good article on our AMSOIL Engine and Transmission flush. This is a very popular product, globally, and people are always interested in learning more about it. This detailed article may answer some questions you might have and can provide starting content to discuss this product with some of your customers.