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Amsoil Magazine - May 2021

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine on page 4 has a tech talk on the different types of automatic transmissions, specifically highlighting CVTs and DCTs. While both of these have been around for quite a while, they are steadily gaining in popularity, largely due to the world striving towards better fuel economy. AMSOIL has a great solution for both of these types of transmissions, specifically formulated to target the performance areas critical for each type of application.

Page 5 has a section highlighting how some of AMSOIL’s other drivetrain fluids provide protection under high stress and high heat conditions. Many of your territories experience very hot and dry climates so it is important for you and your customers to be able to trust the lubrication is also protecting for extreme pressures and heat. AMSOIL drivetrain fluids are lab and field proven. A study was done with the Las Vegas Nevada taxi cabs as an ultimate test and it scored very favorably by adding additional value in the form of extra (“reserved” ) protection for the vehicles. Read more about it in the magazine: