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$120/2CAN 500ML EACH

Component K1 (cleaning foam) is a specially developed high-performance formulation that dissolves and removes all operationally caused contaminations in the entire combustion chamber of an engine. The product removes carbon residues in the cylinder head area, in particular on the valves, the piston crown, the piston top land and in the area of the first piston ring. It also cleans the seats of intake and exhaust valves (if they are open). Residues in the EGR valve, the turbocharger and the air intake system (intake manifold to intake valves) are also reliably eliminated. Carbon X does not attack seals and is compatible with all engine components. Component K2 (neutralizer) causes a chemical reaction which liquefies the previously introduced cleaning foam (K1) and binds the dissolved contamination. With the Carbon X Extractor (Part No. 34142), the resulting emulsion and the dissolved deposits can be removed safely from the combustion chamber. Since K2 has



High quality clear coat safe professional series compound for cutting and removing scratch and swirl marks from paint.



Features: This product is rich in nonionic surfactant, not containing cycloalkanes ,sulfur or phosphorus. It will not damage the paint and is highly effective and pure physics method decontamination: washing liquid flow will take stains, because the molecular structure is like slender rope which can entangle dust, shellac, gum, bird droppings and sediment stains etc.It supports micro water wash. Directions:1.Take appropriate amount against the water and the dilution ratio is 1:200.2.Use a special sponge to scrub the car.



Features:It contains updated formula, rich in natural carnauba wax, polymer and unique element of crystal coating. Once used, it make the paintwork keep the state of high gloss, and effect of deep moisture, brightness and long lasting protection for paintwork. Even effectively resist the harm from UV, acid and chemical dust, make your car show constant charm. Suitable for the polishing and protection for all kinds of cars and the care for old cars after renovation. Directions:1.Wash and dry the vehicle.2.Shake well and spray evenly to the surface and form a uniform wax film.3.Let the wax film slightly dry, polish with a clean and dry towel.



Directions: Wash and dry the car ensuring all contaminants have been removed. Using a lightly dampened foam applicator apply a thinå layer of the product to the panel ensuring full, even coverage. Allow the product to haze before removing with a clean, soft microfiber cloth. Buff to a high shine with a plush microfiber cloth before moving onto the next panel. For Best Results: Apply out of direct sunlight. Surface should be cool. Not recommended for use on vinyl tops, metalized plastic trim, decals, flat black paint, simulated wood panels, cracked or crazed paint finishes. Effect: high strength, high toughenss, high water resistance, effective protection of paint. for the longest lasting shine and protection. Leaves a deep, high gloss shine. #1 grade carnauba wax beads water up to 12 months. Restores all paint finishes to look like new. Give your car paint the longest lasting shine and protection with carnauba soft wax.



Directions: 1.Before use, please wash and wipe the car to be dry.2.Use a soft cloth to coat it evenly and thinly on the body of car and grind moderately back and forth, do not grind irregularly3. When the grinding agent is in the state of film, use a clean dry towel to wipe gently the body of car.4. Recommend bright polished crystal wax to protect the restored paint film to avoid re-oxidation to obtain the best effect.



Made from Silicon Carbide Long last durability—3-5 years. With helping of the solutions, It can last to 5 years Curing time only 2 hours, ceramic coating need 24 hours. Use for everywhere of the car, which used for car body, leather, plastic, wheel. Graphene sheets are two-dimensional, one-atom-thick layers of sp2-bonded carbon atoms connected in a hexagonal, honey-comb-like pattern. In addition to potential applications in advanced batteries and transistors, solar cells, displays, sensors, and composites, there is much interest in the use of graphene by itself as a coating material or as an additive for improving the performance of various coating technologies. In particular, several approaches have been taken to develop graphene-based corrosion protection coatings. The superhydrophobicity of graphene has also been exploited.



Features:The product combine with clean, polish and protect. To remove slight scrape, running spiral pattern, besmirch and other environment contaminant; It makes outstanding polish effect, vigorous, satin of surface, and increase color on the basis of previous; Safe, suit for any surface of paint, including varnish; Work to assort with machine and hand. Directions:1.Shake it well before use.2.Pour the product on the surface of the paint , If use orbital polishing machine, wipe it on the sponge polishing wheel, use gently pressure when machine works.3.Cover the part of trace when move the machine,ensure to cover the all paint.4. Use the towel to wipe it clean after it turns to mist status.



Features:The product has more thin grain than general abrasive, can remove scrape of the remainder of sandpaper and oxide layer of surface of paint quickly.Highly abrasive and bright effect keeps the surface of paint well.Especially the gentle formula increased the safety factor of abrasive. Directions:1.Shake it well before use.2.Pour the product on the surface of the paint , If use orbital polishing machine, wipe it on the sponge polishing wheel, use gently pressure when machine works.3.Cover the part of trace when move the machine,ensure to cover the all paint.4.Use the towel to wipe it clean after it turns to mist status.



Features:The product is made of selected highest quality materials. It can remove the paint grain effectively and make the surface of the paint flashing. Application with machine or manual,the effect both are remarkable. Directions:Pour the product on the 0.5 M2 surface of the paint and use sponge polishing wheel to dispense and coat it evenly. Use with polishing machine (1400-2200 r/min) and sponge polishingwheel to polish from inside out. Reduce pressure when the product get dry and continue polishing until the surface of the paint be of high-gloss. Wipe away the residual with a soft towel.