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Amsoil Magazine - June 2021

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine on page 3 highlights our marine engine oil products. While these products have always been popular in the US, they are gaining popularity globally with many Distributors near water starting to take advantage of the protection against rust and corrosion that these products can provide their customers. Page 6 has a tech talk on AMSOIL aerosols, specifically our Mudslinger product which has been very successful as a more unique product helpful to get in the door with new repair shops or as an additional add on sale for motorcycle, dirt bike and/or other powersports owners.

 Pages 8-9 provides information about all of our diesel additive offerings and their benefits to effectively preserve power, performance and efficiency of diesel vehicles. Each of our additives are built with slightly different features but all provide your customer the ability to decide which version best fits their individual equipment needs.

 Page 10 goes into detail about our newest addition to the small engine oil family, a 15W-50, perfectly filling out our lineup. Our small engine oil lineup have been very popular for many uses from generators to lawn care and more, so be sure to read about the new product, SEF in this issue, and check out the entire group of oils here: 4 Stroke Power Equipment: Shop Oil for 4 Stroke Equipment - AMSOIL