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Amsoil Magazine - July 2021

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine on page 6 has an article by Mark Nyholm, R&D manager, discussing the differences of base oils and how they effect different formulations. A type of base oil doesn’t necessarily indicate the quality of the finished product, and it is important to understand the differences and how it is difficult to judge a motor oil based alone on its base oil. Base oil questions are very common to AMSOIL corporate and Distributors alike, so I’m sure you will find this article interesting and helpful. 

 In the United States, it is a common tactic for US Dealers to sell our European Motor Oil line to “installers”, or what we refer to more commonly as “repair shops”. It is true that this can work for all of our products as a majority of customers don’t necessarily want to work on their own vehicle, but do want to enjoy the best performance and protection that AMSOIL can provide. Our European Motor oil, of course, is no exception. Page 7 has an article with ideas on how to reach repair shops by talking about how our oils can provide shops value for their customers with European vehicles, however the same basic strategies can apply across many of oil product families.

Page 11 has a good explanation of the differences between our brake fluid options. Our brake fluids perform very well and are good selling products. In many of your territories there may be an increase in hybrid and electric vehicles. Keep in mind that our brake fluids are great options for AMSOIL products for these customers. Read more about them on page 11!