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Amsoil Magazine - March 2022

This month’s magazine includes details on the recent powersports market trends effecting AMSOIL and it’s US and Canadian sales particularly in the pandemic. There are many similar trends that are likely being experienced in your markets as well, particularly with elements that are important to customers about our products such as:  

  • V-Twin oil maximizing engine life at cruising speeds and in stop-and-go traffic due to excellent resistance to extreme heat and wear
  • ATV/UTV oil providing superior all weather performance
  • Marine products fighting wear and resisting the effects of water contamination
  • Dirt bike oil delivering confident clutch feel

 Page 9 has some important updates on our 30 gallon drum discontinuation and the grease packaging change of blue to black.

 Page 10 highlights our extremely popular two additives, UCL and API. Both products are a quick and easy add on sale to customers and is a product where you can really see and feel the difference in your engine’s operation. Here is the video the article references : How to Choose an Effective Fuel Additive - YouTube.

 Finally, on page 11, the Series 3000 5W-30 discontinuation is explained. The best product for the applications currently being serviced by this product is our DHD, providing enhanced protection for things like abrasive wear and piston scuffing.