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Amsoil Magazine - April 2022

This month’s magazine has a good article on oxidation on page 6 including how it occurs, why it can be hard on your engine oils and how different elements such as heat can make it worse. Oxidation can really do the most damage when it starts to form sludge and deposits in your engine and quality oils can really help in preventing this. For more information, look at our Signature Series performance in the Sequence IIIH test, and other tests here: Performance Tests - AMSOIL.

Page 9 has a testimonial of a customer in Utah, USA who could feel a difference in his dirt bike after using AMSOIL. His bike provided him a much smoother ride with better clutch operation after switching over. He is also planning on getting much longer value out of his bikes, a KTM 1090 and KLR 650. He hopes to have both bikes reach 100,000 miles in useful life and is confident that using AMSOIL products will help him get there. Providing your equipment with high quality lubricants is an important part of extending its useful life.