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Amsoil Magazine - June 2022

This month’s issue of the AMSOIL magazine has two tech talks on page 5 and page 14. Page 5 features tribologist Mike Caruso who discusses the lesser talked about topic of hydraulic oils. There are so many different types of hydraulic oils that have varying needs, and this article explains a bit more about zinc anti-wear, non-zinc, and biodegradable hydraulic oils; the three most common. Check out the line of hydraulic oils AMSOIL offers here: Hydraulic Oil: Shop Our Full Line of Hydraulic Oil - AMSOIL .

 The other tech talk on page 14 is by Mechanical Research and Development Manager Mark Nyholm and discusses emissions-control systems design and purpose, particularly with diesel engines.

Pages 9-10 introduces our newest AMSOIL influencer, Scott Birdsall. Scott is most famous for his success in world renowned “race to the clouds”, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and his custom build shop, Chuckles Garage. If you are on Instagram, I encourage you to follow @chucklesgarage , Scott’s account (113k+ followers). He lists himself as an AMSOIL driver and posts frequently about AMSOIL. His posts usually get a lot of attention and engagement and are great to share to your own page for great content opportunities.