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The new AMSOIL 4T Performance 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil (MC4) launches today.

The new AMSOIL 4T Performance 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil (MC4) launches today. It was created for the extreme demands of daily driven motorcycles operating in the most severe conditions of heavy loads, stop-and-go traffic and high ambient temperatures. MC4’s 100% synthetic base oil and custom additive package promotes optimum engine performance, smooth shifts and engine cleanliness. It cools hot engines; protects critical engine, transmission and wet-clutch surfaces from wear; and features ultra-low volatility for reduced oil consumption.

Why did AMSOIL create another motorcycle oil?
We had requests from several Distributors for an AMSOIL quality, full synthetic motorcycle oil that could be priced competitively with other synthetics and semi-synthetics in their markets targeted to consumers who use their motorcycles daily.
What is the difference between AMSOIL 4T Performance and AMSOIL Metric Motorcycle Oil?
AMSOIL Metric Motorcycle Oil is formulated to be the best-of-the-best for hobbyists (who in the U.S., often want the best product they can buy for their leisure activities), and for racing applications. AMSOIL Metric Motorcycle Oil also includes a higher quantity of additives for extended drain intervals. 4T Performance is formulated to provide excellent full synthetic protection and performance for OEM drain intervals.
If MC4 provides excellent performance and protection, how can it be priced significantly lower than MCF?
Additives make up a significant percentage of raw material costs. Because MC4 is formulated for OEM drain intervals, raw material savings are realized. Additionally, AMSOIL has purposely chosen to aggressively price MC4 to facilitate high volume sales. We hope this product will be useful for growing the AMSOIL brand in your market. We also hope that its competitive pricing will be helpful in transitioning consumers from mineral oil and semi-synthetics to the performance and protection offered by AMSOIL 4T Performance.