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Amsoil Magazine - November 2017

With all of the changes that AMSOIL gasoline motor oil has gone through during 2017, it makes sense that it has taken multiple magazine editions to cover all of the exciting and important information. With the OE products already making its way on to some of your containers and the official web launch just around the corner it’s not hard to understand why this month’s focus is on the tier of AMSOIL motor oils that provides you advanced protection – OE. Co-Presidents Alan Amatuzio and Dean Alexander have a note on page 4 giving some history on the OE line and where it is today.  Page 8 really dives into some great details about what makes OE an exceptional product including some of the claims it has achieved and industry tests it has passed. AMSOIL is really taking an initiative to promote OE in order to reassure customers, Dealers, and Distributors that it truly is a product that provides advanced protection in engines you care about. Page 10 has an interview with AMSOIL Senior Vice President Dan Peterson about how to use OE to tap into the do-it-for-me oil change market. A majority of customers in the US and throughout the world do not do oil changes themselves, so using OE to sell to garages and oil change shops can really make a difference and expand your market share.