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Amsoil Magazine - December 2017

In the December edition of the AMSOIL magazine, some of our big moments of the year are highlighted and summarized. Page 10 has a good wrap up overview of 2017 and all of the many changes that came to our products in the form of marketing updates, formulation changes and new product additions. Page 5 has a quick snapshot at some of the many claims that we were able to add to our gasoline motor oil lines due to the reformulations- many of which have been helpful selling points to customers. Finally, on page 12, there is a very interesting infographic with facts about AMSOILs various testing performed in our mechanical lab. AMSOIL’s products go through thousands of miles and hours of tests each year to ensure that they do what we say they will. The claims that we make on our products are far more than marketing “fluff” strategies – they are real tested and proven metrics: in the chemical lab, in the field, and in the mechanical lab. We put our test equipment through harsh and stressful conditions to ensure that the lubricants we craft will actually protect our consumers’ equipment; all so our Distributors and Dealers can confidently promote our brand and our products.