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Amsoil Magazine - July 2018

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine begins with a tech talk on page 7 by Technical Product Manager Matt Erickson, providing a closer look into some of the trends in US fuel-economy standards. Throughout the world, there are many drives to increase fuel economy by government agencies and end users alike so it is important to understand some of the ways that automakers calculate fuel economy and how synthetics provide an advantage. Pages 8-9 gives a recap on the advances made to Signature Series including some of the tests that it passed and some of the claims that we have now because of it. Pages 10-11 explains some of the upcoming changes in our racing strategy. In order to diversify our racing spend, AMSOIL is going to work to provide opportunities in more on-pavement, automotive type events. The differentiation will provide additional car based content to try and continue to expose our brand to the automotive market that many of you are already or are starting to find success.