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Amsoil Magazine - August2019

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine on page 7 has a tech talk article by Matt Erickson, Director of Technical Product Management about lubricant specifications. Specs can be very difficult to understand as many OEMs and create their own and customers can sometimes get confused with the differences between a spec and a brand. Page 8 and 9 go into detail about some of the benefits for our top selling diesel additives and how they differ from each other, including a very helpful chart. Following the theme of helping you to differentiate our products from one another, page 10-11 explains the difference between some of our varying V-Twin offerings and why we have specific products for oil, transmission fluid, and primary fluid. Page 14 has an article by the Senior Vice President of US/Canada Dealer Sales about how product sales and the popularity of viscosities have changed even over the short term. The good news for our Distributors and customers globally is that AMSOIL constantly monitors the market and adds/adapts products to fit the changes, always helping to give you an edge.