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Amsoil Magazine - October 2019

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine has two tech talk articles, on page 7 and page 8 by Len Groom, Technical Product Manager – Powersports about small engine and the relationship with stabilizer and by Matt Erickson, Director of Technical Product Management about stop start technology and bearing wear. The two newest AMSOIL products, additive UCL and small engine oil AES are highlighted and explained on pages 9 and 11. The UCL article discusses the claim of UCL that it delivers 18% more lubricity than Lucas and 20% more than Sea Foam, two of the market leaders in the Untied States. Page 12 introduces the new specifications GF-6 and API SP coming next spring. The transition period for AMSOIL will be much easier than it will be for many lubricant companies as our 3 engine oil lines, Signature, XL and OE are already meeting the specs and will only require a simple label addition, coming summer 2020