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Amsoil Magazine - January 2020

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine has a couple of important points on some of the slight product changes that AMSOIL has upcoming. On page 4, information about the discontinuation of ACD 10W-30/SAE 30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil and replacement of it with two of our current products AND Heavy Duty Protection 10W-30 and DTT Signature Series Max-Duty protection 10W-30. Both of these products have already been very popular in several markets and gives customers a good opportunity to choose the 10W-30 that is right for them. Pages 7-8 go into detail about the now available new ATV/UTV Power train Fluid (AUPT) that is replacing the Front Drive Fluid (AUFD), and the benefits of this new product.

Pages 9-10 discuss the various types of gears, bearings, and cylinders that are found on a wider variety of equipment types including the differences between them and why certain types of additives and lubrication is necessary to keep them working at their ideal state. 

Page 11 introduces a new exciting relationship that AMSOIL has in the US Diesel enthusiast market with Banks Power. Banks is very well known in the industry due to their length in the market, innovative practices and they aggressive testing on their products and equipment. They have recently publicly endorsed AMSOIL as their lubricant of choice and will include our likeness on some of their advertisements.