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Amsoil Magazine - March 2020

Page 6 has AMSOIL’s oil analysis expert, Allen Bender, go over some of the common questions that we get about used motor oil. There are a lot of common assumptions on used motor oil based on how it looks or feels that aren’t always necessarily true, and Allen reviews some of these questions. Page 9 explains some slight changes that are going to be showing up soon on that is important to note. Most of the general look and feel of the site is the same and you won’t really notice a difference, however some of the navigation and menus are changing so be sure to look around the site within the next month or two to observe the updates. Page 11 explains some of the features and benefits of two of our gasoline fuel additives, comparing our PI and our Upper Cylinder Lubricant. Pages 13-14 have some helpful suggestions to use when talking to your AMSOIL end users on the benefits of changing your motor oil and what happens to your vehicle as the oil gets older and used.