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Amsoil Magazine - May 2020

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine has an interesting article about the Marine fishing business in the US. Many of your territories have good opportunity to sell some of our many marine products, so check it out for some details. Page 11 has more points about the upcoming specification changes and upgrades coming to our labels (starting now) for our Signature, XL, and OE series motor oil. The changes will happen on a rolling basis as we use up older inventory.


This issue has an extra amount of great technical information that both you and your customers may find interesting:

  • Page 13 has a detailed article on specific types of additives found in oil and how their abilities to resist oxidation can help create an AMSOIL advantage in our formulations.
  • Page 15 has an article on problems that can occur with coolant systems if they are not maintained properly, and the AMSOIL solutions that we have within our line of coolant products.
  • To go along with the additives article, Page 19 explains the properties of base oils. We get questions often from Distributors and customers about our base oils, and this article provides a lot of helpful information about the different characteristics between the several types.
  • Finally, on page 23 there is an article about the differences between 2 and 4 stroke oil and why they are built differently to solve problems in various pieces of equipment.