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Amsoil Magazine - November 2020

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine has on page 5 an article about the true differences between motor oils for European and US (and other) vehicles. AMSOIL has had a great line of European specific oils for several years, which now includes the two new offerings (AFE & EZT). It is important to educate yourselves on these products and why it is not okay to simply use SS, XL, OE in a majority of these applications. The European oils are some of our best selling products (globally), so if you have not yet tried them for your market, considering adding them to your next order.


Pages 6-7 is a continuation of the last two months’ special on muscle cars and the iconic nature of these vehicles .This “Vol. 3” article in particular, highlights the vehicles of General Motors.


Page 10 continues on the theme of discussion European oils with a testimonial of a customer that has taken a Volkswagen R32 out to 300,000 miles (160,934 km)! He has used AMSOIL since the car was new and credits AMSOIL lubricants in part to the success of having a vehicle for so long. It is very important to use high quality lubricants to get the most our of your investment of a vehicle, especially if you plan on owning it for the long haul or even want to perhaps sell it to someone else for a high value, as Dan Peterson (Senior Vice President, Dealer Sales and Marketing) explains more on Page 12.