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Amsoil Magazine - March 2021

This issue of the AMSOIL magazine on page 5 has a tech talk on the importance of specific oils for various types of motorcycles, ATVs and more. AMSOIL has very specific lines all uniquely designed for the equipment that they are made to go in. We are proud of our diversity and the time we have put to researching and learning exactly what it takes for a lubricant to get a piece of equipment operating at it’s peak performance for our customers.

Page 6-7 goes into a deep dive of AMSOIL’s diesel oil lineup. Over the years the market for diesel has changed and AMSOIL has developed specific lines to perfectly hit a vast amount of customer’s price points and performance needs. This article covers the difference between our options including our newest diesel products, the “Synthetic Diesel Oil 0W-20 and 5W-30”, which are both already gaining popularity.

Page 9-10 does a similar dive but into the motorcycle market in the US. While not all global markets are similar, it will be interesting to break down the various types of riders that AMSOIL tries to target here to see if there is any synergy. This article includes discussion on a Harley Davidson typical rider and how we categorize motorcycles and the types of products that will fit with each type of bike and rider.